Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wrath Of Belial Hacks and cheats

Wrath Of Belial

Wrath Of Belial Hacks and cheats
The Highly ranked and much anticipated international Epic RPG, Wrath of Belial! Immerse yourself in this beautiful 3D world with vibrant graphics and intense battles. Download for free and experience the most easy-to-play and addictive RPG game to date!

Level up your heroes and protect the world from the demonic influence of the fallen god, Belial. Unleash fearsome attacks on the evil kingdom and bring salvation to the corrupted souls.

Absolutely FREE TO PLAY!

â–¶ Forget turn-based RPGs! Battle in real time, with amazing 3D graphics featuring awesome spectral effects on Heroes.
â–¶ Dominate your way through a beautiful world diminished by the evil Belial.
â–¶ Experience exhilarating battles, and face up against breathtaking beasts and magnificent bosses!

â–¶ Play with up to 4 Heroes in your party, each with unique abilities. Upgrade your heroes and create the best of the best team.
â–¶ Enchant, Evolve and Transcend your Heroes and make them look spectacular.
â–¶ Equip them with grand weapons and boost their might to defeat any foe!
â–¶ Unleash destructive attacks onto your enemies with ultra-devastating skills and abilities.
â–¶ Choose from over 200 Legendary Heroes and 7 different classes to form an impressive team, worthy of the Gods!

▶ With 7 distinctive play modes, including a Guild Raid mode, you’ll never get bored!
â–¶ Experience Co-Op with allies, or compete against others to determine who reigns at top.
â–¶ Explore the ancient ruins and towers for epic gears and rewards!
â–¶ Spar with your friends in 4v4 or 7v7 battles and test your might in Champions League in world rankings.
â–¶ Connect with your Facebook friends! Compete against them or help them out in battle!

Send us any comments or problems! We’d love to help you, reach our support team at
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Presented by Redsahara Studio and Kiyat Games.
Note: A network connection is required to play

Download Link : Link

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