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Free Download Glocal - Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

Glocal - Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

Free Download Glocal - Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

GLOCAL Directory Wordpress Theme is a content driven portal that is ideal for listing any kind of entity or activity on a Global or Local basis.
Who could have ever imagined that within less than 5 minutes you can install & start running your own Directory for only $ 58 ! Well this is no longer a promise, its a fact; So jump on board and become part of the Glocal Community



Pay attention third-party plugin Types and WooCommerce may have internal purchase to extend the functionality.
In a directory, content is key, therefore we have implemented a user-friendly solution with front-end facilities, that offers a flexible way to generate revenues by offering your users tailor-made membership packages with a wide variety of options

(most company tabs are published and were in the process of finishing the remaining tab (Team Tab)

In addition to the front-end user page, Glocal offers advanced features such as:

Supposing that you are running a directory and you have a considerable number of listings in your database and you would like to switch to Glocal Directory without entering them all by hand and one by one, then thanks to the Bulk Upload option you can import all your listings into Glocal via a CSV file
Glocal offers a recurring paypal payment system so that your members can register and subscribe to a corresponding package and pay on a regular basis (the membership conditions & duration can be chosen in the control panel by the admin)
We have integrated the powerful plugin TYPES* which allows to create custom fields & custom search
For more information about TYPES plugin please watch the video by clicking on the banner belowThere might be additional costs required for certains options with types plugin please visit their website for further information

the paid version isnt required to build like the demo site, its optional.

Glocal is WPML compatible which allows users to benefit from very advanced Multilingual facilities offered by the WPML plugin
* Glocal is fully compatible with the WPML plugin that can be purchased at
  • Unlimited Colors from Control Panel (CP)
  • Boxed / Full-width layout
  • Possibility to select Geolocation & Zoom level on Map from CP
  • Google Map with Ajax + Advanced search options
  • The category icons are included and can be changed from CP
  • Company Simple Page (2 versions: left & right sidebar)
  • Company Page with Tabs (Company, Portfolio and Contact)
  • Company with Street View
  • Blog
  • 4 different Headers











Some Additional Features from Glocal

Clean & user-friendly Admin Panel


UOU Apps


Stock images and backgrounds are not included in the package

  • Due to the implementation of new pages & features we stopped guaranteeing the RTL compatibility for this theme

Glocal is compatible with the regular Google Map API as far as the map loads is inferior to 25.000 a day. If the number of calls to Google is higher, you need to purchase Google maps for Business license. for more information please refer to this URL

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v.1.9.2 (05 Dec, 2014):Fix: Revolution slider on pageFix: Bugsv.1.9.1 (09 Nov, 2014):New: Can change slug for taxonomyNew: Fixed vertical map option for listingNew: Sub-categories for searchNew: New option for "Browse by Category" New: Restrict "Featured images" for companyNew: Registered user can claim companyFix: Mailto link on company pageFix: Some bugsFix: breadcrumbs for companyv.1.9 (08 Aug, 2014):New: Pagination for default searchNew: "Show all" icon for mapNew: UOUtools - Bulk fix company meta and gps data.New: Style for Front User PageFix: Default category on mapFix: Megasearch resultv.1.8.8 (23 july, 2014):New: Restrictions for package "Submit for review before publish" New: Settings for "Categories Block Frame" - Hide/Show subcategoriesNew: Add default selected packageNew: Map height optionsNew: Options "Hide login/register top link" New: Manage restriction fieldsFix: Some Bug fixedFix: Register block for template "Page - Home Visual Composer" and "Page - Home Categories".Fix: Issue with HTML custom tabFix: Featured frameFix: Paypal single paymentsFix: PO and MO language filev.1.8.7 (11 june, 2014):- add options for listing "Featured Company on top" and "Companies per page" - add options "All posts" at blog tabs- add restrict capability for Rating system- add custom code instead of a map- add zip code- add to "featured listing" widget settings "Number of companies" - fix map at result search- fix location at event- fix featured companies widget- fix header banner- update fontawesomev.1.8.6 (03 june, 2014):- add options "Change slug company" **after change slug company option also you should save permalink option in Settings->Permalinks- add new option for header at single company page- add new widget "number of companies" - add AdSense code to header **Beta- tested with BBpress- tested with BuddyPress- fix some bugv.1.8.5 (21 may, 2014):- fix "featured company", please check and resave company which have the featured status- fix content search- fix map at single pagev.1.8.4 (17 may, 2014):- add new widgets ('Recently Added' and 'Featured Companies')- add capabilities and restrict for publish product via woocommerce- fix hide widget area if they are empty- fix price table- fix user restrictions- fix user plan settings pagev.1.8.3 (14 may, 2014):- add capabilities "featured company" - add featured companies shortcode- fix WooCommerce- fix content search- fix blog widget areav.1.8.2 (10 may, 2014):- fix shortcodes- fix style issues- fix some bugsv.1.8.1 (28, April, 2014):- fix link in company profile- fix price table- fix menu append- fix featured slider- add -1 value to forbid publish for users- add symbol for EUR currency- add different size icon for clustered companies- fix some bugsv.1.8 (April 23.2014) : - Add featured companies - Add icon for clustered markers - Add custom fields for company - Add choice paypal bank card type - Add options for page - New home page version - Top Bar Search by any Content - Fixed more bugsv.1.7.5: (April 11.2014) - add options for map clusters- fix *.mo and *.po files for translate- fix update button- fix some minor bug - update visual composer and revolution sliderv.1.7.4:- add cluster markers on map (beta)- fix map- fix front-end user page view only mine posts- fix minor bugsV.1.7.3 (April 3rd, 2014):- add child theme- add new shortcode (Price Table)- add visual composer for home page and other content area- add subcategories for company- add attach image button for company- fix Expiry date count- fix price table cells- fix some problems with WPML- fix notice successful registrationV.1.7.2: (13.03.2013)- add products & services tab (woocommerce support)- add blockquote style- add custom tab for company- add claim listingV 1.7.1 (05.03.2013)- Integration of YOAST (SEO Optimization)- Shortcodes (part1) for Blog/Company desription/ sample page- Automatic update system- fixing minor issuesv.1.7 (February 26th, 2014)- Fix Portfolio Issues- Fix CSS styles- Fix Text Domains- Fix Logo Size- Add Custom Sidebar- Add Stars at company pop-up on map- Update Revolution Slider- Fix some bugs & errors.v.1.6.4 (February 13th, 2014)- Fix search- Fix some minor issues- Tested for woocommerceV 1.6.3 (February 10th, 2014)- Fix search input- Fix front-end page- Fix user blog and events posts- Fix some bugv.1.6.2:- Add new option: Number of companies at "Recently Added" sidebar- Add new icons and markers- Add .po and .mo language file for German- Fix check which tabs of hidden- Fix search engine- Fix portfolio tab issues- Fix user front-end pagev.1.6.1:- Add Events tab for company- Add Blog tab for company- Fix multi-rating system- Fix close comments bug- Fix contact form- Fix subscribe widget- Rebuild metaboxesv.1.6:- Add multi-rating system for companies- Fix media gallery- Fix some bugsv.1.5 (1.4.4.):- Add new style for search line- Add new style (tab version) for Welcome globe- Add options default value day for search- Fix some issues by w3c validator - Fix some search issues- Fix some bugsv.1.4.3:- Add front-end user page- Fix default category bug- Fix comments closed bug- Fix responsive style- Fix contact tabs - Fix login page logo- Fix type plugin field- Fix some minor bugv.1.4.2:- Add any color scheme options- Add custom background options- Fix boxed version- Fix some minor bugsv.1.4.1: - Add bulk upload companies and categories- Add zoom setting for map- Fix default category bug- Fix map control position- Fix blank large company image- Fix minor bugNew Features 1. Unlimited Color Scheme. 2. Compatible with Wordpress version 3.7 3. Option added at back-end to disable sticky header 4. 3 Custom Content Blocks Added 5. Option add back-end to disable footer widgetsBug Fixed 1. Project Category Bug fixed 2. Sticky menu external link fixedv.1.3.3: - Add upload and connect markers and icons from admin panel - Add default category for map- Fix map problem with apostrophe in address company- Fix map filter and category search logic - Fix some minor bugs (maps and search)v.1.3.2 - Add contact form for company- Add options selection Revolution Slider- Add sorting options for search resultsv.1.3.1: - Compatibility with WP 3.7.1- Add lock map button- Add Options "All markers on map" - Add Options "Days published maximal value" - Add Kilometers/Miles support - Add to slider "Any position" - Fix advanced search bug - Fix full map visible v.1.3:- Add support "Types" plugin (Advanced fields)- Add integration Advanced fields from Types- Add footer widget area- Add aditional fields at advanced search- Fix install problem- Fix problem with google maps - Fix contact form bug - Fix several bug at search engine - Fix some minor bugs v.1.2.1:- Fix install problem- Add Search frame on Revolution Sliderv.1.2-WPML:- WPML translate readyv.1.2:- Fix header banner url- Fix contact form- Fix blank url social icons- Fix some bug search engine- Fix favicon upload- Fix alternative header- Fix submit listing page- Add on Glocal CP field E-Mail contact- Add Hidden map on load page function- Add payment gateway- Add user account control- Add new Glocal CP options- Upgrade version module: uou_maps.1.0 uou_search.1.0 uou_payments.0.5 code_core.1.1 uou_cp.1.0- Fix some minor bugsv.1.1.1:- fixed URL images company- fixed search page- fixed Gocal CP- fixed social link- fixed ie8 and down stylesv.1.1:- fixed interactive search engine description company on map- fixed responsive position alternative header- fixed responsive position company profile- fixed pagination on company list- fixed custom logo/images/banner- highly optimized programm code and logic

Last Update 10 October 15
Created 11 September 13
Widget Ready Yes
Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Compatible With WPML, WooCommerce 2.1.x
Software Version WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7
ThemeForest Files Included PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
Columns 4+
Documentation Well Documented
Layout Responsive
Tags business locator, company database, company listing, directory, front-end, geolocation, google maps, listing, map search, membership, payment gateway, portal, wordpress directory, yellow pages

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