Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hack Dinosaur Hunt - Deadly Assault game

Dinosaur Hunt - Deadly Assault

Hack Dinosaur Hunt - Deadly Assault game
Relive the ancient age of extinction in the most unique dinosaur hunting adventure of your life. The deadly Dinosaur who used to rule the earth are back! The destruction, assault & rampage is about to begin by deadly Dinosaurs. Many of the species are back from dead and they are planning to attack the civilization. Began your journey as the ultimate huntsman and kill untamed, deadly and fierce creatures. Be a dinosaur shooter to kill down the mighty creatures of the Jurassic era. They have captured a land and they plan to rave rampage on earth. Don’t let them raise havoc once more and be the huntsman to kill them all. Grab your armory and gear up to survive the deadly dinosaur attack. Visit eye catching locations & Jurassic era surrounding environments to hunt the deadly DINO. You don't have a sniper gun or a rifle so use your assault guns like AK-47 to take out the violent carnivores.

★★★ STORY ★★★
Hunting will reach a new level when you find yourself in middle of a wilderness surrounded by the mightiest creatures that ruled earth in the Jurassic era. Take on the series of shooting & hunting challenges and get it on against fury dinosaurs like Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptor. Gear up with assault guns and let’s battle DINOSAURS!

• 3D Dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Pterodactyl & T-Rex
• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• 3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects
• Real Time Jurassic Environment

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