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Re-Volt demo Serial Key Free Download Latest Working

Re-Volt demo Serial Key

Re-Volt demo Serial Key
Version : Not available
Publisher : Acclaim Entertainment
Uploaded : Jun. 16, 1999
File Size : 24.69MB
Release date : June 16, 1999
Publisher website :
Requirements : Pentium-200, Windows 95/98, 32MB RAM, 3D card
File name :
Availibility : Free to try
Free Version Limitations : Not available
Supported Operating systems : Windows 95/98

Product Description

Re-Volt is a racing game where radio-controlled cars tumble around all kinds of locations and use whatever tactics necessary to gain first place by destroying the competition. Re-Volt lets gamers race cars in places they're always wanted to, but couldn't, until now. Racers dodge full-sized cars in city streets, slalomaround enormous dinosaur skeletons in museums, and jump over gigantic building blocks in toy stores.

Everything in the world is built to scale, so even normal-sized objects like baseballs and pencils are formidable roadblocks. Power-ups give cars offensive and defensive weaponry, like bottle rockets and oil slicks. Gamers can join others and race or play tag over the Internet on tracks designed specifically for multiplayer action.

This demo comes with one track from the game.

Re-Volt demo Serial Key

Download Re-Volt demo Serial Key Free

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